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Joke 4383

Not very nice language in this joke.~ buttre

Joke 1896

Thank you so much for this wonderful joke. I love how it ta...~ 321 happygirl

Joke 4172

hilarious~ joe

Joke 1327

Funny one that really got me and my mom ha ha ha~ Megan

Joke 2982

it is so very nice joke on inflation~ noel

Joke 2975

who actually wrote this story? has anyone got any information...~ Pocahontas

Joke 1884

Ripped off from the movie "young doctors in love" and one, the...~ jackmeat

Joke 1582

Bruh. Yall would probably love to find me in that fo...~ I_ate_too_many_beans_69

Joke 3871

Shes a hoooooooeee~ I_ate_too_many_beans_69

Joke 4435

How is this a sex joke?~ I_ate_too_many_beans_69

Joke 2778

Me too Just same fam XXD~ I_ate_too_many_beans_69

Joke 3926

Lol to had to read the joke 6 times to understand th...~ I_ate_too_many_beans_69

Joke 4972

S u c k s~ I_ate_too_many_beans_69

Joke 4640

OOOOF GET SHREKED~ I_ate_too_many_beans_69

Joke 3621

OMFG hhaa ive heard joke like this before~ I_ate_too_many_beans_69

Joke 2363

Lol~ Donkeykonghairynips

Joke 2809

LOL !!!~ Donkeykonghairynips

Joke 464

nice joke mind if i use it?~ ifunny

Joke 2038

Jimmy carrs joke~ Lil

Joke 5769

Wow its my sister all over again.~ Burnette

Joke 49

This joke is so unrealistic. for one, God doesn't even exist!~ Al the Atheist

Joke 3688

Lil pencil dick so little u have to pull it out with some vice ...~ Bigsexy

Joke 4011

i couldn't wait to laugh -ha~ farmer jim

Joke 2970

One for you!~ Mark

Joke 2360

this is so funny~ jade

Joke 2437

Thanks for the hint. Is corrected.~ Steffen
one you said the cat was a he and one you said the cat was ...~ SwagQueen101

Joke 451

what does that even mean~ CookieSwirl

Joke 2159

RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My name irl IS Viola!~ CookieSwirl

Joke 2979

What~ Nyjah

Joke 2987

What the hack the what don't get it~ Nyjah

Joke 2775

good joke~ bobhead

Joke 94

i hate your jokes~ savagegirls

Joke 2084

my friend is blond and shes not stupid # stop blond jokes~ savagegirls

Joke 3637

@John. Thanks for the hint. Is corrected.~ lyne
The final threat from the armed robber (as he holds his gun again...~ John

Joke 1613

stupid~ cheyenne123

Joke 2345

Outstanding!~ Bo

Joke 3906

Ohhhhhh i see what you did there, clever joke haha.~ JOKE Face

Joke 681

thats kinda mean~ taylor girl

Joke 2458

How could the blonde capture the kid, but still tell him to se...~ Surfie16

Joke 1881

haaaaaaa! that was sooo stinking random! 7 dwarfs = 7 up. get m...~ emo kid

Joke 2773

ohhhhh! I just got it! but good luck fulla!~ emo kid

Joke 285

It's sad and true! we are a bunch of perverts. but it just mean...~ emo kid

Joke 4369

that's terrible! this fucking rape story is like hell! Rape is ...~ emo kid

Joke 3642

omg! EEEEEWWWW! but so dang funny!~ emo kid

Joke 1902

ti be honest, I didn't get the joke until nickname: meme explai...~ emo kid

Joke 2971

as soon as I got this joke I laughed and cryed inside!~ emo kid

Joke 2625

it's funny but sad becaus my parents are devorced~ emo kid

Joke 4378

that was funny I think it turned me on~ emo kid