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Joke 1295

Lol nt dat funny~ Billz

Joke 3644

that´s a good one~ big gunner

Joke 1119

now that is true I´m a sniper and we get one day for one hour...~ big gunner

Joke 1881

I have'nt laughed in a long time. Thank you.~ Wienerdude59

Joke 3872

Sexy joko~ aj

Joke 4754

us farmers know what it's like to have our cows come home to ...~ farmerjim

Joke 2617

I LOVED IT!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!~ I hates Bill Gates

Joke 2434

Better versions I heard a long time ago were 1) beat ...~ I hates Bill Gates

Joke 721

true true true....~ I hates Bill Gates
hehe~ Ip Man

Joke 2841

Funny because it's TRUE....~ I hates Bill Gates

Joke 3886

Ha ha, awesome joke...and some would do that for things...~ I hates Bill Gates

Joke 2818

Awesome!!~ I hates Bill Gates

Joke 457 I hates Bill Gates

Joke 3639

Man, that's just so wrong.~ I hates Bill Gates

Joke 1342

Its a sad commentary to the 84 of us that could relate to this jok...~ Cc

Joke 2781

Soon as I read starter pistol I couldn't stop laughing the punc...~ KingEz

Joke 3686

I'm uncircumcised~ ForeskinBob

Joke 1603

its pretty funny but it is sad the man and woman got divorce~ Remy

Joke 3617

sue the doc XD~ Bob

Joke 2417

Fuck~ Garden

Joke 1188

fucking horrible wtf~ kbowowo
Lmfao!!~ jokes

Joke 1377

What on earth was this joke about i didnt even get a single bit...~ Juni786

Joke 1330

This was meant to be joke~ Juni786

Joke 2842

3 words to ruin a woman's ego "I don't know"~ Random

Joke 3638

Groos~ Syd

Joke 4383

That was fricking hilarious~ Syd

Joke 1885


Joke 2620

YACK!!!!!!!~ DIVA

Joke 1883


Joke 2375

Spot on.~ Ip Man

Joke 2624

???~ N

Joke 595

Yo mama is so fat, when she turned around there was a welcome b...~ Yo mama

Joke 2459

Tats a copy right of the 28000 jokes app.Except this is shorter...~ Yo mama

Joke 4369

This is awful. Remove this rape story.~ remove this joke

Joke 4710

That is a good one~ Stell

Joke 1264

I don't get that joke~ Stell

Joke 2403

No joke has ever been so true.~ Me

Joke 1971

oh boy im corny~ so goooood

Joke 2618

if i was that woman,id put my clothes back and get a hotel room!~ so goooood
What an idiot who would actually agree to it? Stupid bitch !~ jokes

Joke 1910

funny~ bob

Joke 1253

what do you call a gun that is jammed? broken needs to be fixed~ youngblood

Joke 3885

Fucking classic x~ jokes

Joke 2834

That's so no one can tell he's shit himself lol~ jokes

Joke 3938

Lmfao!!!~ jokes

Joke 4235

Worst joke I've ever heard~ jokes

Joke 1952

😂~ Chuck norris

Joke 2472

STUPID😝😝😝~ Stupid