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It was a sunny Saturday morning, and Jim was beginning his pre-shot routine, visualizing his upcoming shot when a voice came over the clubhouse loudspeaker: "Would the gentleman on the Ladies tee please back up to the men's tee, please!"

Jim was still deep in his routine, seemingly impervious to the interruption. Again the announcement: "Would the man on the women's tee kindly back up the men's tee!"

Jim had had enough. He shouted: "Would the announcer in the clubhouse kindly shut up and let me play my second shot!"

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A man was sitting in a room with a blonde itching to ask her something.

He asked her, "Can I ask you a question? Then you ask me one. If I get yours wrong I will give you £50, and if you get mine wrong you give me a fiver.

The blonde nods and replies, "Ok then."

So the man says, "What's the distance between the sun and the earth?"

The blonde hands him a fiver.

She then says, "What goes up a hill with 3 legs but comes down with 4?"

The man thinks for ages on this question and finally gives up and gives the blonde £50. He then asks her, "What's the answer then?"

The blonde hands him a fiver.

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