Princess jokes

17 jokes about princesses


What do Lady Diana and Pink Floyd have in common?

Their last greatest hit was 'The Wall'.

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Why did princess Diana cross the road?
Because she wasn't wearing a seatbelt

What was the last thing that went through her mind?
The windshield     ~ Princess diana

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What do world hunger and a Mercedes have in common?

Diana can't stop either.

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Why is Diana like a mobile phone?

They both die in tunnels!

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Dodi and Diana wanted a wedding made in heaven ...

Versace was sent up first to get the wedding gown and decorative preparations done for the occasion.

Then D & D went on together.

Mother Teresa went next to bless the couple.

An invitation was sent to Elton John to sing at the service but somehow it was misdirected and went to John Denver instead.

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