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Yo momma is so poor, she can't even afford to pay attention.

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Yo momma is so poor, when I ring the doorbell she says "DING!"

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Yo momma is so poor, I walked into her house, asked to use the bathroom, and she said "3rd tree to your right."

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Yo momma is so poor, she goes to Kentucky Fried Chicken to lick other people's fingers.

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A Briton, a Frenchman and a Russian are viewing a painting of Adam and Eve frolicking in the Garden of Eden.

"Look at their reserve, their calm," muses the Briton "They must be British."

"Nonsense," the Frenchman disagrees. "They're naked, and so beautiful. Clearly, they are French."

No clothes, no shelter," the Russian points out, "they have only an apple to eat, and they're being told this is paradise. They are Russian."

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