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There is this guy that walked down the street one day when he saw a dusty lamp laying on the road. Interested, because he loved antiques, he picked up the lamp and rubbed the dust off. Immediately after, a genie pops out.

The genie states, "Thank you so much for freeing me from my eternal punishment, I will grant you one wish!"

The guy is flabbergasted, and he takes this offer on.

He states, "Well, I have always wanted a bridge from my house to Bermuda."

The genie states, "No, no, not possible, imagine all of the funds and supplies that would take, not, not possible at all."

He states, "well, I have always had trouble with women an-"

The genie, upon hearing this asks, "Do you want that bridge in two lanes or four?"

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Question: why is auburn always in the dark Answer: Because their afraid of Alabama power.

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