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Why did the blonde stare at frozen orange juice can for 2 hours?

Because it said 'concentrate'.

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A boy sees his penis and wonders what it is. He asks his mom, "Mommy, what is a penis for?" Their mom, not wanting to tell him about sex yet, says "It's for making lemonade honey."

Soon after, he asks his mom "What is a vagina for?" His mom says "It's for making raspberry juice honey."

Later, he asks his mom "What is a breast for?" She says "It's for making milk honey."

The next day the boy's principal comes over. Mom serves him lemonade, raspberry juice and milk. The principal asks them where did they get drinks that delicious. Before the mom could answer, the boy says: "We got lemonade from a penis, raspberry juice from a vagina, and the milk from a breast."

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