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A proctologist (butt doctor) is walking in a hospital when an intern runs up to him with very important documents to sign. Frantically, the doctor reaches into his pocket to pull out his pen but instead finds a rectal thermometer. The proctologist gets red in the face and starts swearing.
The intern asks him if he's mad because he had grabbed the wrong tool.

The doctor replies "No, some asshole has my favorite pen!"     ~ Max

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The hospital calls me up and tells me my wife has wrecked my car.

I say, "Who is me! Don't you people ever have any good news!?"

"It depends on how you feel about your wife. You see the airbags failed too."

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What is the difference between friends and best friends?

When you are in hospital, friends ask: "How are you?"

Best friends ask: "Hey brother, how is the nurse?"

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