Yo momma is so fat, she has her own area code.

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old news  
who ever put this joke here must have gotten it from a joke book from 1995! it sucks, my grandma could have made up one funnier that this !     0

come on you make me wanna destroy my computer     0

the joker  
this joke is REALLY shit i have had tooth ache thats funnier     0

U got 2 be kiddin me! Right?     0

sucky as joke ! lol     0

thats old man     0

My grandma told me that joke!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to stop writing jokes.     0

wow.this joke is so fuckin old, that you probably found it on a stone tablet.     0

clo x
is this suppose to be funny coz really it aint u seriously need to do sum readin to improve ur jokes or sumfin coz this joke sucks x     0

was that meant to be a fucken joke???? mama jokes are meant to be funny     0

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