Smile. It's the second best thing you can do with your lips.

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Yulu sweg     0

I don't think giving a blowjob is the best thing a guys lips should do...     0

Dont u think it should be the 3rd? 'Cause the 1st is give a blowjob and the 2nd is kiss some1.     1

spent hours looking for a joke site  
your my kinda girl     0

sexy bitch  
fuck peace i would rather give a blowjob     0

I have to agree with "Emo" i'm sure we all want peace in our life.And just so everyone knows i use NanoBee as a nickname because I recently read a article about how scientist are using bee venum as a way to kill cancer cells, which is very important to many men,women,and children in our world who suffer from cancer. I think we owe alot to scientist who work so hard everyday to better the life of all humans without any discrimination on who they do it for because honestly, they do it for all living creatures including animals, they should be the most admired, most loved, and mostly thank'd for all of their great achievements. Long Live Science (also using the atomic bomb was the only way to end ww2, without it we would have lost more living beings)     0

i wud fink the first is a kiss =D
X x X     0

Emo weirdie with too much time on her hands
blowjob...i think...but i have to say the first is REALLY giving a speech to promote peace...w/e....     0

wouldnt u like 2 know
wots the first???     0

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