Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong?

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That's a question not a joke. Murderers are killed coz its justice. Ask the devastated family member of a murdered person which punishment they feel would be most just for the killing of their innocent loved one. Listen to thr answer carefully and justice will be served.     0

i hate pussyes like u     0

This was a stupid joke and has no point. You don't kill people who kill people to "show them" that killing is wrong. They already know its wrong and did it anyway. You kill people who kill other people to stop them from murdering more people.     0

It's not a joke, it is a political point of view.     0

LAME     0

cause if the government didn't others would and then the prisons would be full and the there would be less people to pay taxes... oh wait a second i live in a country where they don't have the death sentance and it's fine... hmm... wow would you look at that, we have less murders per population then countrys with the death penalty. does this mean anything to anyone else???     0


I really thought it was really good.     0

Good joke.

Lives on     0

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We do it cause we wish to strike fear into the hearts of murderers. However, it is very hipocritical of us and stupid     0

dat was a joke??? bt i agree a gd point!     0

That wasn't a very good joke. It was however a good piont.     0

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