How do you confuse a blonde?

Put her in a circular room and tell her to sit in the corner.

How does a blonde confuse you?

She comes out and says she did it.

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Miss bitch waiting for a fuck
whose mother do you fuck     0

don't think so     0

8========================================>     0

OMG!!!! i am a smart blonde and thats a stupid joke. (and i would know)     0

well, there's an OVAL office!     0

not you
come on thats stupid i find that dumber and funnier than the actual joke

haha hood
thats seriously blonde of u to say     0

haha hood
my bedroom is a circle and my dad tells me to sit in the corner. it is possible! :)     0

Bored at Work
It would be sections of a circular wall not one circular wall and the dry wall might break i say customization.     0

ive heard this before...but it was bout an idiot in an igloo. That has circular walls =)     0

fuckin bend the drywall to make a circle     0

uhh...yes you can. just build a room with one circular wall...     0

you cant get circle rooms can ya     0

Daniel B-C
Blonde 9/45 correction:
"cricle room" is spelled wrong, and it should not even be "circle", circular would be more correct.     0

alma (webmaster)
Hi Daniel, thanks for the correction,I changed it ;)     0

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