A little boy and girl are in a bathtub, and are naked because they are too little too understand anything like that. The girl and boy ask each other: "What's that?" and they both reply: "I'll ask my parents."

So the boy goes home and asks his dad what it is. The dad looks solemnly at him and says: "Son, that's your car. You park it in a girls garage."

The girl goes home and says: "what's that?" The mother says: "That's your garage. dont let any boy park his car in it."

The next day they are again in the tub. The boy says its a car and remembers what his dad said. So he begins to put it in the girls "garage". But then the girl remembers what her mom said.

5 minutes later, the girl comes to the mom with blood all over her. The mother asks her what was wrong and she said: "Mommy, a boy tried to put his car in my garage, but I popped his two back tires."

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that's gotta hurt     0

Good little girl, still too young for the car and garage     0

Ha ha lmao     0

Joke     0

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NYC joke     0

it was so nice     0

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Nyc     0

thats really funnyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but illlogical     0

Thanks for the hint. Is corrected.     1

Thats was hillarious. I told my boyfriend that joke and he laughrd also. Whoever made that up is a freacking genious. JUST SAYING!!!(:     0

"The next day they are again the tub" should be "The next day they are again in the tub"     0

made me cringe instead of laugh     1

wow not alot of ppl have a sense of humor like pervert-hermit and meme....     0

Hot ass  
WOW ummm it wuz ok     0

the garage is blocked by skin door. How the car can enter garage. how erection can take place to a boy ?     0

WOW that's relly funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who ever wrote should write a book of their own     0

This reminds me of the movie Teeth=D The scariest movie a man could ever watch, the funniest a woman could!     0

not funny... and it's not just bcos i'm a guy :)     0

park it in the garage  
wow actualy she squeezed the balls     0

loooooooooool     0

totally discusting and not funny terrible joke yak
go find a better joke then that     0

oh wow this joke if mad funny anyway just let the guy parked the car in your garaged     0

lol lol lol she ripped off his balls     0

is well funny gen......ious!!!!!!     0

ruby rainbow  
i thought this was very funny, who ever came up with this is a genius !     0

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charlie russell
painful.....yet funny     1

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