There was a boy who had to use an outhouse and he hated it sooo bad. One day it started to rain really hard and it got the bank all slippery and wet so he decided to push it off. He did it and later that night his father asked him if he pushed off the outhouse.

He said: "Yes."

His father told his son to come with him to get his whipping.

The boy said: "George Washington didn't get in trouble when he chopped down the cherry tree because he was honest."

The boys father said: "but George Washingtons father wasn't in the cherry tree when he chopped it down."

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Yo mama  
Tats a copy right of the 28000 jokes app.Except this is shorter without the
Indian father and 10 sons.Also there was a funny accent to it.     0

amelia belinda 123  
hey i dont get this joke could you explain to me what is it about?     0

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