A woman finds a genie's lamp. The Genie comes out and says, "You may have three wishes, but your husband will get ten times more than what you wished for."

The woman agrees. Her first wish was that she would be the most beautiful woman in the world. "You realize," the Genie said, "that your husband will be ten times more beautiful than you, and more women will gawk at him?"

"That's okay," says the woman, "He'll only look at me because I will be the most beautiful women." So the wish is granted.

Her second wish was that she would be the richest woman in the world. "You know your husband will be ten times richer, right?" the Genie asks.

"That's okay. What's mine is his and what's his is mine," replied the woman. So the wish was granted.

The woman then thinks long and hard about her last wish. She finally wishes that she had a mild heart attack.

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I hates Bill Gates  
Better versions I heard a long time ago were
1) beat me half to death
2) I always wanted to donate a kidney     0

Boooooring     0

Well said Steve! This is a great joke, ruined by ejits over-analysing!     1

Steve the Healer  
Of course it means the husband dies ... no other conclusion would wryly amuse.
And if you have to actually analyse the joke it's probably not even funny any more.     0

..can we stick to the topic here,... did he get a heart attack 10x milder, 10 mild heart attacks, a heart attack 10x stronger or did the poor bugger die? I bet the genie turned gay and wished he never got rubbed by a woman again or he just quit     1

its great.thats the kind of JOKe u wanna hear right after a long day at school     0

Tipical bitch only wants her husbands money it just like John Lennon wrote in a song Last night the wife said Oh boy when your dead Can't take nothing with you but your soul     0

Well done atique that is obviously the correct answer. A joke within a joke the first one for the dummies and to make women happy. The second for us smart guys     0

s odoes he get 10 mild heart attacks or a heart attack 10 times worse o.0     0

harharhar     0

Girls are smart idiots, one strong meaning is there,if wife get one time mild attack, then the husband will get ten times small (mild) attack than the wife. so husband will be good only..
this is possitive thinks of boys...     0

You people are dumb, the man will obviously die!!!     0

Or the man can get 10 mild heart attacks     0

the husband will get 10Xmilder .     0

"Bored at work" is right on this one!     1

Bored at Work
Acctually your wrong he would just get 10 mild heart attacks.... not milder. If he got these in a row or all together yes that would kill him.     0

Thank you for the hint. Is corrected.     0

acctually i'm nt and i am with u atique! ten times milder!     0

will be ten times richer nt will ten..     0

charlie russell
i agree with you there atique     0

this joke has two meanings..

the one is the obvious one, the one that comes to ur mind first.. that the hubby gets a strong heart attack and dies.. but thats not wot he ll get. he'll get a heart attack that is ten times more milder than the on his wife got.. so nothing will happen to him.. haha... women are dumb     0

Mah!     0

LAWL     0

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