Men are like computers: Hard to figure out and never have enough memory.

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The funniest thing is to see who takes this kind of joke seriously and is offended by it...     0

As usual - -youve published another 'joke' that is 'demeaning' to males! Is the 'editor' a female? I 'man hating female'?     0

Bored at Work
Leave the poor man alone he probally has enough to deal with. Computers are easy to figure out i dont know what this is talking about and you only have memory problems if your useing windows so I suggest you change your man's OS to a Mac this way you can figure him out and the memory should not be an issue anymore that or ubuntu since it is free.     0

hey steffen looks like u aint fixed the mai=may problem yet have ya lol     0

Mai is May.. the guy who runs this site is german and thats how the month is spelled in german...     0

Hi Bob / Dale,

thank's for the Mai/May hint. This is not a spelling issue but a software issue. I will fix it.

Ciau Steffen     0

yeah really if you say ur gonna do somtin then do it     0

I'm at a loss as to what's supposed to be humorous here.     0

I'd like to know which month Mai is.     0

I thought it was "Men are like mall parking spaces: too far away, taken or handicapped."     0

Great!     0

Amanda Love
Hey thought this is funny because this is exactly how my husband is. hahhahah     0

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