The teacher walked into the classroom to find the word "penis" chalked in small letters on the board. She was a bit embarrassed, so she didn't say anything, but rubbed it out and went on with the class.

But the next day when she came in, she found the same thing again - "penis", this time written slightly larger. So she rubbed it out again, and went on with the lesson.

Again next day, in larger letters, there was the word "penis" again. With a red face she rubbed it out and went on with the lesson.

Well, this went on for a whole week, every day the word penis getting bigger.

Finally, on Friday she went into the classroom to find chalked up: "See, the harder you rub it, the bigger it gets!"

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im so horny right now lol  
All i have to say is that its really funny, but i kinda feel bad for the teacher lol     0

sex sex sex sex lick my pussy
My healt teacher says it is good to have a dick so we can have babyies and have sex and more sex sex sex make out lick my pussy me lick your dick and everthing works out perfict now I can get back to haveing sex bye I can have more if you guys r cute and willing and have a big dick to suck     0

Why are lazy students like dead strands of hair?
Because they are thick and have to be got rid of!     0

so... check ur dick     0

I actually did that     0

such a dickwad joke...!
Its centuries old...:-(     0

That's just a bit gross.     0

not telling
lmao 18/10     0

hey coolgurl, would you like to tell us how you know?     0

no it's n0t
boring     0

lol yeh thats funny     0

krissy nd katie
thats funy     0

Funny! but so true!     0

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