A computer programmer happens across a frog in the road. The frog pipes up, "I'm really a beautiful princess and if you kiss me, I'll stay with you for a week". The programmer shrugs his shoulders and puts the frog in his pocket.

A few minutes later, the frog says "OK, OK, if you kiss me, I'll give you great sex for a week". The programmer nods and puts the frog back in his pocket.

A few minutes later, "Turn me back into a princess and I'll give you great sex for a whole year!". The programmer smiles and walks on.

Finally, the frog says, "What's wrong with you? I've promised you great sex for a year from a beautiful princess and you won't even kiss a frog?"

"I'm a programmer," he replies. "I don't have time for sex ... But a talking frog is pretty neat."

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321 happygirl  
Thank you so much for this wonderful joke. I love how it talks about sex and the whole thing. By the way, I LOVE SEX!!!!!     0

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Bored at Work
Being a Software Engineer this makes perfect sense... We don't have much time for anything and a talking frog would be neat.     1

No, it can work both ways     1

isnt it supposed to be :: A computer programmer happens to come across .... isntead of A computer programmer happens across??

bt gr8 joke all the same     1

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