One day, while relieving himself in the employee restroom, Carl could not help but notice the unusually long penis on the black man in the adjoining urinal. "How do you guys do that?" asked Carl. "I mean, get such long dicks?" "Well," replied the black man, "when having sex, just push it in slow and pull it out quick. That exercises it."

After hearing this, Carl promised himself that he would try out this new dick-stretching technique on his wife. That night, Carl made love to his wife and tried the new method. Shortly after they finished, Carl asked, "Well dear, did you notice anything different about me?"

"Yeah," said the wife. "You fuck like a black man!"

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im so horny right now lol
this joke isnt racist, it supposed to imply that she was cheating on him     0

im so horny right now lol  
lol i like it     0

Crack a laugh
Lol not funny     0

Why am I here
Bitch please     0

lame     0

what a bitch!     0

kelvin dwl  
uum what a faithful wife     0

Really lame joke     0

it didn't say anything negative     0

umar mulla not going to go see if it works...wat gave u that idea...     0

I agree with foofoo.
this is racist.     0

this joke is kind of racist     0

haha, she's a hoe!!!     0

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