If a couple living together for two years in the state of Tennessee decide to relocate to the state of West Virginia, where they get married, have three children over a seven year period, and then decide to divorce, if after the man moves back to the state of Tennessee, can the couple thereafter still be referred to as brother and sister?

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its pretty funny but it is sad the man and woman got divorce     0

I don't understand this at all!!!!!
And I also think that this joke is weird     0

Angry Tennessee Girl  
This is SO not funny. I am from Tennessee and that joke is offensive. If all a joke can do is offend someone, it's not a joke.     1

Actually, it's "grammar."     0

The best thing that ever came out of West Va is an empty Greyhound bus.     0

Not Funny  
Ha ha, WV has an unsubstantiated image of brothers and sisters having sex together. That is so funny.     0

this is the lamest joke i've ever heard and the grammer is terrible.     0

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