What is the thinnest book in the world?

"What men know about women."

34     woman jokes

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I agree @Man your a bit over the top with the slave comment slavery is evil. Hey @Concerned Husband, Theres a satirical saying. Discrimination against woman is wrong, discrimination against men that's equal opportunity! Discrimination happens to men more than woman but nobody cares a bit ! Theres nothing equal thats a myth, actually there is a war on men if you hadn't fucking noticed. Who began the Feminist movement ? It was subversive evil jewish bankers, to promote woman in the workforce to make them more tax $ as they bankroll governments, reap the ever greedily increasing revenue and efectively tell them what policy to impliment that suits their evil agendas, and the other reason was to get the children out of the mothers care and into places where they can brainwash them with BS called schools. I love woman but she wont have more authority than I in my household. Call me a traditionalist ! This modern world is crock of BS. Anyway I think intelligent men know more about woman than you realise, this joke plays on the fact that woman generally are covert and manipulative sneaky.     0

Concerned Husband
I thought I would bring to your attention that we now live in a society where men and women are equal and rightly so! Who are you to say such a disgusting thing! Your clearly just a sad and pathetic man and I hope you never find happiness with any woman if that's your attitude towards them. I am a happily married man and I thank god each and every day for the blessing that is my wife and I would never say such a ghastly and putrid thing about women ever!! I bet you are just a miserable, cowardly and callous human being who has never been loved and that's why you come out with such vile remarks. Men like you make me sick! Would you make your own mother a slave? You really are a pitiful excuse for a human being and your remark has made me feel ashamed to be a man.     0

hey Man,SFTU!! U DONT KNO SHIT!! get a fucking clue!!     0

All men need to know about women is how to make them our slaves.
Already done, some men just chose to fail and become slaves themselves.
No men care about women who claim we dont understand them.     0

one possible explanation for Dear God's comment happening before ha ha's, daylight saving time might have made the older comment happen later then the newer comment. Like an older sister can become the younger sister     0

A Neanderthals brain is larger then the modern humans.     0

DUHH!!! Men ARE Neanderthals!     0

This is the only truth which men have accepted.................     0

boop pa doop  
SOOO true! i cracked up, 5*****     0

how did Dear God know haha was going to say stupider before they posted it??? are they psychic or just using reverse psychology?     0

hey im a girl but that one comment that says "stupider" That's "more stupid", moron was funnier than the actual joke!     0

Bored at Work
A 27 year old in kindergarden is not likely unless it is the teacher. If you know people women arent that hard to figure out.     0

the coments were funnier than the joke     0

Hahaha this is sooo true!     0

hey haha, call me i'll show you my smart ass. ps i graduated kindergarten when i was 22. so there     1

ha ha
true very very true men are that stupid shit they are stupider than a fuckin 27 year old in kindergarten     0

Dear God..
"Stupider"? That's "more stupid," moron.     0

The actual book called that featured 200 pages, however they where all blank lol!     0

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