Why do doctors slap babies butts right after they are born?

To knock the penises off the smart ones.

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im so horny right now lol  
I HATE JOKES WHERE THEY SAY WOMEN ARE SMARTER THAT MEN idc if its true or not, i find it very offensive, and F you if you agree with it     0

That not right     1

Utter shit     0

This is like the first funny thing ever the other's is just dum     0

Miss bitch waiting for a fuck
(.) (.) + B====D = good time     2

nahh why th "F"
they gonna knock they penis's off!
yumm     1

sexy bitch  
this joke is so true     0

Did they just call girls smart?     1

i need one of there(:) and some of these (.)(.) to mess with in the bedroom     0

Emo weirdie with too much time on her hands dad knows Yule....they were once cooworkers i think....     0

prodigy sezz n... NO!!
smart guyz r just as gud as *SUM* dumbarse"z
hav u seen Yule in surviver:cook islandz??
that x-pl-aY-n-"z itt

saYve da pandah"z
( >.< )     0

hey that one was actually funny     0

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