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You wanna hear a dirty joke?

A boy in a white shirt fell in the mud.

You wanna hear a dirtier joke?

He got back up and fell back down.

You wanna hear a clean joke?

He took a bath with Bubbles.

You wanna hear the dirtest joke so far?

Bubbles is the girl next door.

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How does a man take a bubble bath?

He eats beans for dinner.

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Why is a man different from a computer?

You only have to tell the computer once.

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Two black guys walk into a bar they all go into the bathroom, at the same time they're in there for six hours.

The first black guy comes out two hours later and the bartenders asks
"what're you doing in there? the black guy replies blowing bubbles.

The next guy comes out two hours later than the next guy and the bartender asks,
" what are you doing in there for so long? so the black guy says blowing bubbles,

Now the bartender's curious, What are these guys doing in there for so long? he wonders Finally the last black guy comes out and the bartender's furious. "what are you doing in there for so long?"No wait let me guess your blowing bubbles!"

Now the black guy hangs his head looks up at him and says"NO SIR I AM BUBBLES."

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